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User Guide

User Guide

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We’ve created a few videos to assist you in using the application


Guide & FAQ

Marketplace Guide & FAQ

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Please refer to the dedicated video below to assist you in using P2U Marketplace

How do I access P2U Marketplace?


What is Mini Shop?

Mini Shop is an option that allows you to select the products that you want to focus on, put them in a catalogue (pdf format), then show/send to potential customers for them to browse. The catalogue will contain your business contact and address, product pictures, product description and price.

No commission will be stated in the catalogue.


How do I share the catalogue from Mini Shop?

You may save a copy of the catalogue in your phone, or share it directly with your customers via Whatsapp, email or SMS via the ‘Share’ function.


How do I track my orders?
Where can I send the goods to?

Once the purchase is done and the transaction is completed, you may check your order status in the ‘Orders’ tab to know the parcel whereabout. You will be updated on the order status via SMS, or you may periodically check your order status in the ‘Orders’ tab.

You have an option to either send the parcel to your business premise (customer pick up from shop) or send it directly to customers’ address. Just simply input the desired and accurate address before you confirm the order.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.