SugarBomb X Mystery Manggo


This scent exudes the sensation of sweet and juicy tropical fruit of Mangocription.

SugarBomb X Apple Bliss


The smell of fresh apples with a touch of sweet and refreshing fruity fragrance that will give you a mouth-watering sensation.

SugarBomb X Ariana Rose


The scent of roses like never before. Very strong and wonderful rose notes that will transport you to a fragrant floral garden.

SugarBomb X Kopi Kaw


Offer yourself a treat with this sensuous blend of French roast and Irish cream. There are rich tones of roasted coffee beans accompanied by accents of liquor aged in oak.

For the coffee blend, smooth, sweet undertones of vanilla creme build a velvety backdrop.

SugarBomb X Strawberry Sorbet


A strong and irresistible smell of strawberry fruits that are sweet and a bit sour. It will exhibit a fresh scent as if you are strolling through a farm of strawberries.